A Spirituality of Sustenance

An online course

Wendell Berry, through his many writings (including essays, fiction, and poetry), has offered us a gift of once again seeing the sacredness of life – all life! In light of this, how ought we to live? This question is not an abstract one, but rather one to be asked of each of us where we stand presently. This course will reflect on the life and writings of Wendell Berry, drawing out his understanding of what it means to live as God’s people in God’s world, enjoying the wonder of creation and community.

Doing Life With God.

“Many of us routinely devote years to education and hardly invest minutes in serious spiritual formation; but it is only in spiritual growth that we have staying power in the faith. Surviving adversity demands spiritual maturity that comes only from intentional participation in the habits and graces divinely given for spiritual maturing.” (Barry Callen)

Posted 21 weeks ago