Mark Friesen is a Christ follower whose walk with Christ has been greatly enhanced for over a decade by the teaching and resources of Renovare.  He has also found Renovare resources to be helpful in leading a number of small groups.  Mark and his family had the privilege of being able to attend a Renovare Covenant Retreat in Colorado in 2008. The three most significant gifts he has received from Renovare  is around the with-God Life, the role of spiritual disciplines and of a balanced vision for the Christian faith. He has come to understand and experience that the good news of Jesus is about an offer of Life with-God both here and now and forever through Jesus. In addition that the spiritual disciplines are practices that God uses as a means of grace towards transformation into Christ-likeness. Mark has also appreciated the emphasis on a balanced vision encompassing the 6 great traditions of the Christian faith: Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Sacramental.
Mark seeks to live out the with-God life in the context of his life in Winnipeg including in his family  (his wife Maryann and two boys Zack and Sam),  in his work as a hospital pharmacist, and in his church  as a lay leader in life group and prayer ministries (The Meeting Place: Mennonite Brethren). He and his wife are also members of an Imago Dei group that meets in Winnipeg.

Richard Hovey is the founding Director of Renovaré Canada. His desire is to help foster a vision for spiritual formation in Canada among God's people, equipping them to become more like Jesus through the practice of spiritual disciplines.
Richard has 20 years of ministry experience, with 15 of those years being in pastoral ministry with another 5 serving as a director for para-church organizations.
Educationally, Richard has completed a BA in Sociology at Crandall University, and an MA in Pastoral Counselling and an MA in Theology from Briercrest Seminary, and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation through George Fox University.
Richard and his wife Julie live in Caronport, SK with their three daughters.

Ryan Lees  works a chiropractor by trade and loves helping people in this way.  But what he really desires is a deeper and daily experience of Jesus and the life He offers to all of us.  In turn, he wants the good news of the availability of this life and how to take hold of it made known to all who wish to find it.
Ryan writes: “I have long known that there has been a giant void in my life between what I experience of Jesus and what I desire to experience.  That I can be transformed in my character to be like Jesus, in reality, and have joy, peace and faith as my constant companions is great news!  Through the writings of Dallas Willard and Richard Foster and the moving of the Spirit, I have come to understand that that can truly become a reality for me.”