Mysticism: Contemplation, Communion & the Character of Christ
Making Church: Why Community Matters


November 19-20, 2021
An online conference focused on the God of Scripture which shapes our call as Christians, and the work of God in restoring humanity taken up by the church.

Doing Life With God.

“All plenty which is not my God is poverty to me.” (Augustine)

Posted 27 weeks ago

“Discipline means to prevent everything in your life from being filled up. Discipline means that somewhere you’re not occupied, and certainly not preoccupied. In the spiritual life, discipline means to create that space in which something can happen that you hadn’t planned or counted on.” (Henri Nouwen)

Posted 43 weeks ago

“There is a difference between seeking to know things for the sake of knowledge itself and being willing to undergo renunciation to be possessed by truth.” (James Houston)

Posted 47 weeks ago

“There should not be a split between what we think and what we do. Once our personal connection to what is wrong becomes clear, then we have to choose: we can go on as before, recognizing our dishonesty and living with it the best we can, or we can begin the effort to change the way we think and live.”

- Wendell Berry

Posted 51 weeks ago

“If we are to recover what it means to be a creature, to live a given life in a given world, then Sabbath will be a central practice. It is in Sabbath that we learn to rest and wrest ourselves from the anxieties of achievement, of making and doing, that clamor inside and out.”

(Ragan Sutterfield)

Posted 58 weeks ago