YEAR ONE (2021/22)
In the first year, COHORTS will work through “The Apprentice Series” by James Bryan Smith, meeting online three times a month, using the following schedule:
  • The Good and Beautiful God – September to November
  • The Good and Beautiful Life – January to March
  • The Good and Beautiful Community – April to June
Each participant will also be given a copy of Richard Foster’s “A Year with God” devotional guide to work through!
  • The Bible and Spiritual Formation (Dates: TBD): Scripture is not simply a book to be studied, but a book which deals with people sought by God for the purpose of relationship. This workshop looks at how to approach Scripture as a spiritually formative book.
  • Living Doctrine (Dates: TBD): Our beliefs formulated from Scripture are truths to live by – transformative truths which call believers to live faithfully in response. This workshop looks at the practical side of Christian beliefs and how they play out in day to day life.