How do you transition your ministry into one with an emphasis on spiritual formation into Christlikeness? How does this become central to what you and your ministry are all about? We would be happy to consult with you and other leaders in your current ministry context on how to shape the heart of your ministry around loving God and loving others through the means of spiritual practice in your ministry setting. These consultations will cover such things as:
  • Developing a spiritually informed philosophy of ministry
  • The role of a board in fostering corporate spiritual formation
  • The local church and spiritual formation
  • Fostering spiritual formation in a leadership team
  • Having spiritual formation as a core value in your organization
  • Being a spiritual leader: intrapersonal components
  • Being a spiritual leader to others
We'd be happy to partner with your denomination, local church, or para-church organization as a resource in developing your ministry as one in which spiritual formation into Christlikeness is the focus.