A Spirituality of Sustenance
Instructor: Dr. Richard Hovey, DMin
When: September 16-November 25, 2020 (10 weeks)
Cost: $120

Wendell Berry, through his many writings (including essays, fiction, and poetry), has offered us a gift of once again seeing the sacredness of life – all life! In light of this, how ought we to live? This question is not an abstract one, but rather one to be asked of each of us where we stand presently. This course will reflect on the life and writings of Wendell Berry, drawing out his understanding of what it means to live as God’s people in God’s world, enjoying the wonder of creation and community.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide you with a general understanding of Wendell Berry’s Christian worldview.
  • To develop a spirituality of sustenance – recognizing what it is that sustains sacred living.
  • To provide a temporary community in which to discern and practice a spirituality of sustenance.


  • Utilizing an online platform, students will have access to guided study through:
    • weekly podcasts/essays
    • discussion groups for personal reflection
    • weekly live sessions via Zoom, Thursday evenings at 7p.m. (Saskatchewan time). These sessions will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend.
    • practical exercises to help with application of the material

Recommended Reading (not required but encouraged)

  • Going Home with Wendell Berry” by Amanda Petrusich

  • The Peace of Wild Things (poem) by Wendell Berry

  • Think Little (essay) by Wendell Berry

  • Jayber Crow (novel) by Wendell Berry

  • Fidelity (short story) by Wendell Berry

  • This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

  • It All Turns on Affection (essay) by Wendell Berry

  • Two Minds (essay) by Wendell Berry

  • A Poem on Hope by Wendell Berry

  • God and Country (essay) Wendell Berry

Additional Sources Referenced in this Course:

  • Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life: A reader’s guide by Matthew Bonzo and Michael Stevens

  • Wendell Berry and the Given Life by Ragan Sutterfield

By Wendell Berry

  • The Peace of Wild Things and other Poems

  • What Are People For?

  • New Collected Poems

  • The Way of Ignorance

  • Life is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition

  • Citizenship Papers: Essays by Wendell Berry

  • What I Stand On: The Collected Essays of Wendell Berry 1969-2017

  • Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community: Eight Essays

  • Imagination in Place

  • Blessed are the Peacemakers: Christ’s Teachings about Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

  • A Place on Earth

  • Given: Poems

"There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places."
~Wendell Berry, Given