learning to love, again

Dates: November 10 - december 15, 2022 
time: 9 a.m. (mountain time) 
teacher: Richard hovey
We live in a place where the individual displaces community and the self replaces the other as we seek self-fulfillment. This is, essentially, a loss of love. What is behind this loss of love and how do we learn to love again? This course will look at three proposed causes of the loss of love, followed by three means for learning to love again.
~ Image and the Loss of Imagination: seeking to impress, we live with less.
~ Position and the Loss of Presence: seeking status, we lose shared space.
~ Grace and the Loss of Goodness: seeking gratification, we lessen the gift of grace.
~ Learning to Listen: hearing the call to love.
~ Learning to Look: seeing our world anew.
~ Learning to Love: living into goodness, beauty, and truth.
The story of scripture will frame our sessions along with insights from a number of writers who have pressed into God’s love and made it known to others. There will be time for conversation and personal reflection as we journey into God’s heart of love.