Doing Life With God.

Intimacy with God, which inevitably leads to intimacy with our true selves, leads to intimacy with the world. The spiritual life is the life that is lived in the light of the movement between relationship with God in Jesus Christ and ministry. - Andrew Purves

Posted 2 weeks ago

When we wound each other, whether knowingly or not, we disfigure and maim the whole body, making it less likely that it will be a community of hospitality for others.

- Norman Wirzba

Posted 3 weeks ago

“The search for meaning is really a search for presence, because grand systems of truth or meaning can never satisfy the basic human longing for life to be meaningful. Without presence, nothing is meaningful.”

- David G. Benner

Posted 14 weeks ago

“The life of sensation is the life of greed; it requires more and more. The life of the spirit requires less and less.”

Annie Dillard

Posted 27 weeks ago

“When our minds are conditioned by prejudice or paralyzed by traditional views, we may face a truth in scripture again and again without it ever touching us. Our spiritual inhibition concerning that truth permits us to see, but not to perceive. The truth lies dormant within, mentally apprehended but not spiritually applied.” - Arthur Wallis

Posted 29 weeks ago