A Roundtable discussion is a live, virtual event with a Canadian author around the topic of Spiritual Formation. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from the author, ask questions, and engage in discussion. 

Our next Roundtable will be with Ken Shigematsu, discussing his book God in My Everything. 


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Did you know that creative writing can be a way to meet with Jesus? Throughout Church history, the writings of many well-known giants of faith have touched the lives of Christians everywhere. When we invite Jesus to join us as we write, God’s Spirit can use our words to draw us closer to Jesus. Creative writing can be a spiritual oasis, a purposeful art for yourself, and for the community around you.

Doing Life With God.

“Perhaps being amidst the undesecrated beauty of the wilderness meant that I too could be undesecrated, regardless of what I’d lost or what had been taken from me, regardless of the regrettable things I’d done to others or myself or the regrettable things that had been done to me. Of all the things I’d been skeptical about, I didn’t feel skeptical about this: the wilderness had a clarity that included me.”

― Cheryl Strayed

Posted 1 week ago

“What defines us, animates us, not merely informs but transforms us, is Christ himself who in real time dwells in our midst and in our lives.” - Gordon T. Smith

Posted 3 weeks ago

“All plenty which is not my God is poverty to me.” (Augustine)

Posted 9 weeks ago

“Discipline means to prevent everything in your life from being filled up. Discipline means that somewhere you’re not occupied, and certainly not preoccupied. In the spiritual life, discipline means to create that space in which something can happen that you hadn’t planned or counted on.” (Henri Nouwen)

Posted 25 weeks ago

“There is a difference between seeking to know things for the sake of knowledge itself and being willing to undergo renunciation to be possessed by truth.” (James Houston)

Posted 28 weeks ago